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Hey Shari, Here are the videos from our chat back in April Q1 Could you tell us who you are, what you do and how you got there. Q2 So it sounds as if the change was a necessity of sorts but was it still difficult to open yourself up to such a big shift in thinking? Q3 We work a lot with small business and our clients are often confused about how to best navigate the social media world. They feel they are spreading themselves to thin trying to keep up with new outlets, what advice would you give? Q4 If you look at business-business and business-consumer social media interaction does this require a different strategy? Q5 How has your interaction with your target group changed and how does that relate to sales? Q6 Do you also think social media has reshaped PR and branding Q7 How should PR companies handle the changing landscape? Q8 How do you see this phenomenon of clients making online videos about businesses instead of businesses about themselves? Q9 So companies need to be more alert and transparent about how they deal with customer complaints?

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