Quality Specs for Editors Hunting With Pixels

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This document is created for editor of various skill levels, so bear with me because there’s likely to be some stuff in there that you is totally obvious to you. I’m not telling you how to do your job here girls/guys, you wouldn’t be reading this if that would be necessary. The goal is create a workflow where we have consistency in how things are done, so we all save a lot of time with back and forth, especially when a client wants a small tweak months afterwards. We’re all busy, and I we’re trying to make sure we don’t have to hassle you afterwards!


Naming of timelines.

Please use a descriptive name here. What ‘sequence 02’ was three months ago, noone will remember. Don’t do double ups. I’ve seen time lines with ‘main promo’, ‘main promo edited’, ‘main promo pre grade’. I can’t tell which is which, so use really clear description, especially on the one with the final edit. To be sure, add ‘old’ to the name timelines that you don’t want to throw away, but are previous versions. Publishing Editing Left align the text in titles. This way you don’t have Audio Levels above 12 db, averaging about -10 to prevent clipping. Testing Play the entire clip after publishing; we’ve had instances where an upload wasn’t completed and the clip stops half way.   Reviewing When you create a lower third or graphic for a number of clips, please email me a still of the graphic in the edit so if there’s a change, you don’t have to go through all the clips to make adjustments. Share project Publish Share the project before you export, encode, upload Check if the video works Archiving All the assets in one folder. Folder names.   Andy feedback;   General editing   In FCP, Create folders in the browser and use descriptive names on your sequences. That way you have a descriptive name when you batch export too. Always use crossfades on cuts in FCP, otherwise you get spikes.                        

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