Proposal for Lion panel discussion

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There are a number of ways to approach filming the launch event and Adam Spencer  

One camera shoot

Advantage Low cost. Drawbacks A one camera shot is a good start, but may not create very engaging content for longer discussions because you don’t see speaker or audience reactions. With a panel the operator needs to keep a wide shot, because if she/he goes close, it is required to preempt questions and interruptions. A wide shot isn’t very engaging to watch, ideally you want to be able to cut between speakers so you connect more to the person speaking: it’s really a matter of available budget. Another consideration is the editing required if you want to add branding, titles, slides and so on. This would create an additional cost further down the track, and delivery of content takes some time.

Example of a one camera interview

    Edit: creating graphics, titles and editing would be in the range of $ 600-1200 depending on the outcomes required.  

Multi camera

We offer a three camera shoot with a live broadcast switcher and encoder. This package includes:

Considering the price point and the talent you have available, this may be a compelling option. Considering there is no editing required, it also would be more economical in the long run.


Highlights reel

Another way to approach this is to have a roaming camera to create footage for a highlights reel:


Around $ 850 for the filming. Editing varies depending on the complexity.



To make a panel discussion work on video, you need a good audio feed; we’d like to have a chat to the audio people beforehand.


A lot of panel discussions have a Q&A; do you have light and audio on the people asking the questions?


Check if Adam Spencer has a clause around being filmed.


Video requires some additional light to get quality shots; we’re happy to liaise with the people from the venue on this.    

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