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Hi Nicole, Here are some examples of videos relevant to your project.

General Showreel

Purpose; using content to link a big idea to your brand

Here’s a video we created for the TED X conference. TED X: Lost In Translation

What can you tell about someone by the way they walk?

We could create a video in the style of 50 people, one question about posture by posing this one question. .  

Bendigo bank: people and values

Here’s a brand that does a great job connecting local community and purpose to a brand that lives their promise.

High resolves (original)

Sometimes simplicity is key in telling a story about a big idea.

Client testimonials

Here’s a way to approach your client testimonials Dejan 30 sec You can say a lot in 30 seconds; it’s not just the information but also the non verbal that mattters.      

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