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Vanessa Liell- The Role of Metrics in Decision making v02

Vanessa Liell – Commodisation of PR v02

Vanessa Leill – Role of Gut Feeling v02

Start at 1 minute, cut end off so we get a neat 1 minute clip.

Use in combination with other clips

Vanessa Liell – The Rise of Social Media v02

Vanessa Liell – What would you change v02

Vanessa Liell – What Inspires You v02

Telling the truth is inspiring. True to yourself, honest with your audience.

Vanessa Liell – The Future Role of PR – V02

Vanessa Liell – On Authenticity and Courage v02

Vanessa Leill – Personal Values v02

Ava Lawler- Using Fear in Campaigns

Ava Lawler – Using Fear in Campaigns

Ava Lawler- What Inspires You

Ava Lawler – On Courage 1

Peter Salt – Can PR be commoditised – SHORTLIST

Interesting insights into what can be commoditised and what can’t.

Peter Salt – On Spin

Peter Salt – On Spin


James Levy – Data vs Vision

Peter Salt – Personal Values

James Levy – Gut Feeling

Ava Lawler – How difficult is it to be Authentic in PR

Ava Lawler – Using Gut Feeling

Ava Lawler – On Spin


James Levy – Gut Feeling

Ava Lawler – The Commoditiaation of PR

Peter Salt – On Fear and Courage

Peter Salt – On Fear and Courage

Ava Lawler – On Courage

Peter Salt – Advantage of Small Business

Peter Salt – On Spin

James Levy – On Agility

James Levy  – Inspiration

James Levy  – On Values

James Levy – On Values

James Levy – What Would You Change

James Levy – The Importance of Failure        

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