Overcoming Parking Anxiety when visiting Hunting With Pixels

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  Newtown has a bad name when it comes to parking, but parking around the HWP Headquarters isn’t that bad actually.

What Not To Do

Drive past us trying to find a park on King Street. It’s not going to happen people. What’s worse is that once you’re past us, there’s no way to turn right or left for a while, so you end up in Enmore, which admittedly is quite nice too, but we’d rather see you at Short Takes.

Good parking spots

Wilson Street Right behind the HWP HQ you’ll find a small car park; around 18.30 there’s generally good parking there. Parking on Wilson Street isn’t bad around this time either. If that doesn’t work, take a right after you’ve passed the parking, there are some quiet streets where you’ll always find a spot.  

Franklins car park

On the corner of Lennox and Church street there’s the Franklin’s car park. It’s paid parking, but there’s always a spot. 100 metres from the HWP headquarters.

Or take a walk through the park

If all else fails; park at the Camperdown Memorial park on Federation road and take a walk through the park for 5 minutes, which always seems like a good idea!

Google It Baby!

Our address is level 1, 270 King Street in Newtown. Here’s the Google Maps link.

Or Go Dutch.

And for all those weird dutch people and others who insist on cycling everywhere; you’re more than welcome to take your beloved bike in; we’ll stick it in our studio. Hope that helps with the Newtonian Parking Anxiety!    

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