Openness in business; Trends in video and user generated content.

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Earlier this year, Hunting With Pixels caught up with Shay David from Kaltura on the New York leg of our epic interviewing spree. Kaltura are a leading open-source video platform, helping business and educational clients deliver top quality video solutions. In this video, Shay David goes into the benefits and drawbacks of businesses employing consumer engagement and feedback in their online marketing strategies. Generally speaking, having your online marketing videos open to consumer feedback and engagement is a great thing, and can really help build your brand. This is increasingly becoming a part of many marketing strategies in several ways. First, as video production costs have gone down, businesses can now be more generous with content. Not only can marketers afford to show more, they can show a product from all angles, show people using it, and show it being used on-location. This leads to greater engagement and association with the audience. Also, with the proliferation of the internet and consumer video options, it is increasingly possible for customers to create user generated content, such as crowdsourcing. Businesses such as Amazon have found that user reviews are the best sales tools ever. Often the fact that a business is willing to be open to consumer feedback shows that they are confident about their product, which like user reviews are a great selling point. However the flip-side of that is that if the product sucks, people are going to know, and they will tell others. To counter the possible negative side effects, consumer interaction needs to be carefully managed. Businesses that keep control of their content, and moderate any user feedback, have a far better chance of managing any damage to their brand. You want to encourage frank conversation, but also keep the lid on hate speech or degrading of your brand. It is a fine line to tread. In a controlled environment, like Amazon’s user reviews, customer engagement can be a powerful part of a complete marketing strategy, especially if you are confident in your brand/product. It can occasionally be risky, but the reward is increased engagement with the customer. [vimeo width=”100%”]

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