Online Video as an SEO Tool

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When you run a business, the primary goal of all of your online content is to create a connection to your target audience. The problem is that without marketing efforts to bring eyeballs to your page, the greatest content in the world will go to waste. This is where the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) comes in. A solid SEO strategy will see you rank higher on the major search engines, bringing in more viewers with whom to connect. Using video on your website is a great way to improve the SEO performance of your website. Most modern search engines now use a display format called “blended search”, whereby a query will bring back videos, images, news stories, maps, and other types of results alongside their standard search results An engaging video thumbnail is far more likely to draw clicks than a block of equivalent text. And it may surprise you to learn that it is actually about 50% easier to reach that coveted first page ranking as a video than with text alone On top of the SEO advantages, using online video is also a more effective way to engage with your audience once they have been drawn to your website. It offers a personal, visually stimulating, and altogether more human experience than text alone (a subject of many of our other articles and blog posts). This is important to remember, as SEO professionals can sometimes focus too much on getting click-throughs, and forget all about providing worthwhile content once the viewer has landed! Stay tuned for more on this in the coming days

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