Not sure about social media? Get a free strategic consultation

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How do you cut through the social media noise?

Isn’t it tricky to get your message across these days? There are so many choices to make, and they all have so many ramifications for your business. Should you spend more time on Twitter? Do you need a Facebook page? Is video the answer? How do you expand your network of clients in a way that is efficient so you don’t burn through your marketing budget with one ill advised Adwords campaign?   And how do you make sure you attract the right clients instead of an endless array of tyre kickers? At Hunting With Pixels, we can appreciate you don’t just want to dive into the deep end, especially when it comes to online video and social media, so why not get the right information so you can make an informed decision?   Here’s what the free consultations entails:

A free half hour content strategy consultation.

We look at how your brand is currently communicating to your target audience. Based on that research we make recommendations on how to get better results.

A free presenting to camera workshop

Have you been thinking about doing a video for your website, but not sure if you’ll be any good on camera? Try it out for free and get some great tips on how to present.

A free 360 degree view of your brand’s communication

We’ll look at everything. Your website, your written content, your newsletter, the way you speak and look; all these things combined build your brand communication.   So why not get started and book your free consultation today! We don’t bite. We do wear silly hats and phone shaped masks, but that wouldn’t put you off, would it? 1300 505 262 or hit us in cyperspace.  

Written by robert · · Blog, Case Studies, Client Videos, Presenting on camera, Tips & Tricks
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