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Hi Nancy, Here are the videos from the interview back in April Let us know your thoughts. Question 1 What are some of the most common misconceptions surrounding introverts? Question 2 Given the misconceptions and connotations people attach to introverts, How do you think introverts feel about public speaking? Question 3 Given that being in front of the camera can be difficult even for extroverts, how can introverts make this skill easier for themselves? Question 4 What are your thoughts on people who say ‘I’m not good on camera’ because they equate success in front of a camera with being an extrovert? Question 5 When we look at some of our leaders in business particularly IT, the big names like Gates and Zuckerberg are introverts. Do you feel like the future is for introverts or that there is a burgeoning opportunity now for introverts? Question 6 What needs to change to eliminate the stigmas surrounding introverts? Question 7 What do you think are some of the strengths of being an introvert? Question 8 In your book you mention that you think self promotion works for introverts if its about helping other people. Could you tell us about that? Question 9 Video and public speaking are not natural things, do you think you need to alter yourself at all to appear genuine? How do you think one comes across as genuine within these communication methods? Question 10 How can all of us not only introverts navigate the line between being persuasive and genuine in our communication? Question 11 Do you feel like people overestimate how judgemental their audience is? Question 12 How have you or how do you navigate your introversion in order to succeed? Question 13 How did you find your path? How did you end up here? Question 14 How did you approach this transition practically? Question 15 That first step takes a lot of confidence, how do you think you develop that confidence? Question 16 Why do you think this notion of being genuine that we have talked about is important or relevant on a more personal level? Question 17 In your view how can brands navigate marketing? Sales driven, pushy kinds of marketing seem to render the term marketing a bit of a dirty word..

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