It’s not about what you do, or how you do it. It’s about why.

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A while back I had a meeting with one of our favourite clients: Concept Amenities. Michael Matulick, the CEO of CA shared a TED video of Simon Sinek with me:

What, How, Why

Simon Sinek’s talk is about how most companies operate:

Why, How, What

But there are companies who do the exact opposite:

Apple. Again.

I know. The Apple thing is a bit tired now, communication with purpose is really the one thing that sets them apart. Apple talks about Thinking Different. If you’re someone who’s attracted to that idea, you’ll also like the fact that they make beautifully designed, easy to use products. Their mp3 players, laptops and whatever they make is a proof of that idea.

What about you?

Is Why where it’s going, or is it just lofty nonsense to you? We’d love to hear your stories and share them.

Communication With Purpose: Short Takes eventon the 20th of September

If you’d like to know more about communication with purpose, why not pop by at our Short Takes event? Short Takes is a monthly about business communication; we’ve got speakers, a panel, great people to connect with and word is that our producer Jared is going to launch his latest cocktail too!

Watch the video.        

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