Invaluable Life Lessons – How To Say I Love You

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Pearls Of Advertising Wisdom – How To Say ‘I Love You’

Who needs the great philosophers if advertising agencies bring knowledge and deep understanding right to your inbox and Social Media feed?

I love you?

Men, have you ever struggled with saying those three little words?

Not anymore!

Europcar has the answer. Forget that romantic boat ride or maybe doing the dishes for once.

True love is a rental car

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a rented Mercedes, and event that is followed by Jill’s sudden headache and a calendar event that reads ‘Intake appointment relationship¬†counselling¬†9.00 Monday’. valentines day mercedes  

Happy Hunting

If things get desperate with the Valentine’s Day preparations, here are a few alternatives to start with: Sydney The bringing home bacon one looks promising, but that’s probably because I haven’t had breakfast yet: Melbourne Dessert crawl anyone? You know you want to honey.            

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