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New videos

Here are the latest versions of your videos.

Mammography – FINAL embedded

Mammography edit 150421 from Hunting With Pixels on Vimeo.


Sonography – FINAL


Radiology – FINAL

Nuclear  – FINAL

Segment – MRI: Dealing with claustrophobia

Here’s an example of a segment we could take out of the main video to address specific questions. This way we could make shorter overview videos by adding links to more specific subject that don’t apply to the majority of patients.


X-ray  – FINAL


MRI For Children – FINAL

Ultrasound – FINAL  

Video feedback

Please add your feedback to this Google doc: Please note this link only works if we set you up as a collaborator, so please contact us if you’d like to be one.

 Content look and feel

Derek has created this storyboard based on the content document: The central principle of the videos is that we get a conversational looking interview with experts to cover all the content that we currently have the the ‘content’ document:

Getting your reviews right

It’s very important to not miss essential details when you review your videos, so please take a few minutes to have a look at this document on getting reviewing right. This workflow will ensure costs and timelines of your project don’t blow out.


You can deliver assets by either putting the into the Dropbox folder we share with you or sending them via email. Here’s the link to your Dropbox folder:    

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