HWP on a Global Shoot with Concept Amenities

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We don’t normally choose to harp on about our getting a new client, since it feels a bit self promotional, but we can’t help it this time! We very excited to be working on a new project with the wonderful people at Concept Amenities. Concept Amenities are an Australian business gone global, providing amenities services to the hotel, retail and spa industries. Part of the reason we are so keen to be working with Concept is their particular focus on green and sustainable products. With so much in the hotel industry being geared towards disposability, Concept has developed a range of products made with an organic additive that makes it totally biodegradable. As they service some of the biggest casinos and hotel chains in the US and globally, this makes a huge difference to the state of our planet. We also love the way that they communicate. In formulating our upcoming shoot, Concept was very receptive to some creative and unusual ideas, and showed that they were willing to take a risk in order to stand out from the noise. They bring a uniquely Australian straightforwardness to their media efforts, which we were very keen to expand upon for the coming promo. Starting mid-September, we will be travelling the globe, shooting for Concept in Shanghai, Melbourne, Miami, Las Vegas and London, creating a montage that shows no matter where their business takes them, the core values travel too. Aside from being an opportunity to travel and meet new people (yay!), we think the end result will be a unique and exciting piece that says so much more than words alone. Stay tuned in the coming months, and we will keep you abreast of our travels and progress on this fun and exciting project. http://www.conceptamenities.com/index.php

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