HWP Monthly Braindump: explainer videos, communication styles, technology and global poverty

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At Hunting With Pixels we get together once a month to share with each other what new skills we’ve learned so we can share ideas and knowledge in a fun way. We’d love to see you at our next Braindump on the 14th of September at 18.30 at the HWP Headquarters on level 1, 270 King Street in Newtown. Tickets are $ 12 to cover for the included drinks, food and travel costs of speakers, which is pretty sweet I’d say! You need to book in advance so we know how many are coming, here’s the link: Our Event

Mikey Lueng: Travel, Technology & Global Poverty.

Mikey Leung is a filmmaker, web designer and co-author of Bangladesh: The Bradt Travel Guide. Mikey believes that tourism could become a significant vehicle of poverty eradication. Through filmmaking, crowdsourcing, web design and storytelling, he’s working to create economic empowerment, through tourism, in developing countries such as Bangladesh. Mikey will share his story of facing poverty first hand, and talk about how creativity is powering his journey to create social change. Mikey will be delivering this talk at TEDxDhaka in late September, so our Braindump is where you’re hearing it first!  

Robert Moorman: dealing with people who do your nut in.

Ever been in an argument between a ‘go getter’ and an ‘analytical type’? Without knowing it? One just wants to get the thing done, and the other bangs on about needing more info? Is there someone who will insist on crushing your Big Creative Dream with pesky details like finance, timelines and the fact that releasing tigers in Centennial Park may be against the law? How do you communicate effectively with people who think totally different than you do and get the best result for everyone involved? Robert shares some insights and offers some practical steps. Robert is the creative director of Hunting With Pixels. He’s also dutch which requires him to wear clogs and eat raw herring. Ugh.

Raphael Ariello: How to build an explainer video

Explainer videos are everywhere. How do you build one that gets the message across? Raphael Ariello has been doing an internship with Hunting With Pixels for the past four months and we’re fully intending to suck all the information out of his brain before he gets on the Air France back home.  

Film Viewing

At the end of the night our speakers will show a ground breaking or thought provoking work and do discussion and Q&A on it.

Volunteers needed!

If you’d like to learn more about camera operating, multi camera switching or audio, let us know; there are still some openings in our team of producers.

Book Now:

Our Event Or if you think we’re dodgy, visit sticky tickets here: http://www.stickytickets.com.au/9131  

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