Hunting With Pixel’s latest and greatest: Atkinson Vinden

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A video about lawyers.

I loved working with the wonderful people at Atkinson Vinden! When we started this project we were thinking about what it is lawyers do.

It’s not about ‘what’

You can describe the process (litigate, check contracts etc.) or you can describe the ultimate goal: Getting the right advice from the right person so you have peace of mind.

It’s about finding the ‘why’

One of the best parts of being part of Hunting With Pixels is that we get to spend time with people who work in a different industry. As a ‘creative’ it’s a very interesting and enriching experience; you get a much better understanding of what really drives people.

The Right People

When I talked to Annabel, Rod, Sheena and all the other lawyers at Atkinson Vinden I really got a much deeper appreciation of the work of legal professionals. It’s very different from the stereotypes we generally use to describe them. Have a look at the video, I’d love to hear what you think. Robert, Creative Director

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