Hunting With Pixels is looking for a flatmate

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Hunting With Pixels is a social activity, so we’d much prefer to hunt in a pack.

Looking for a company/person to share our Sydney office with

We love our new place in Camperdown (right next to Newtown), but love needs to be shared so we’re looking for a small company or solo flyer who needs a quiet, spacious office to work. We offer nice people, good location, funky furniture, decent broadband and a shared kitchen/waiting area.

What are we looking for?

People we share values with; hard working, considerate to others, flexible, fun to be around.


$ 180 for half the office: you can fit 2-3 desks in there quite easily. We’re rarely there at the moment so you pretty much have the place to yourself, which makes it a super bargain! If you just want to desk talk to us; 1300 505 262 or contact us through the contact page. Client area hunting with pixels IMG_1341 IMG_1344

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