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Why are values important

A while back we did an exercise with the wonderful Kat Kinnie of Thought Cloud around values. Values matter, there no question about that. The question for me was; how does it matter for the rebrand of Hunting With Pixels?

Did we go backwards?

What I realised was that we started our thought process the wrong way around. We started with thinking about the clients we’d love to work with, then work back to how we should project ourselves to create the connection.

 Personality vs Character

What we were trying to do is to assume a personality. That’s not a bad thing necessarily; we all assume different versions of our own personality depending on the situation. We all have a formal self, and a parent self and a neighbour self, a football club self and so on. All these personalities are you, but with a slightly different emphasis to suit the situation; that’s natural and totally fine.


Character is what you actually do, not what you project. When it comes to our business, core values and character really matter, because they’re the basis of our brand identity. Personality is what gets people interested, character is what builds a sound business. Our client expect high quality, consistency, social intelligence and trustworthiness. That’s based on core values and hard work.

 So here’s what our values look like

corporate video producers based in Sydney and Melbourne.

Hunting With Pixels core values.

Our core values

 So how does this relate to business

Here’s the thing that totally sold it for me:  Knowing and understanding your core values makes things really easy.

 Here’s what happens when you know and understand your values.

Here’s how we apply this idea.

When we made a new showreel, we wanted to add a more personal touch. So instead of showing a series of nice looking shots, we talk about the kind of people we love collaborating with based on values.

 What are your thoughts?

We’d love to hear about how you apply your values to your brand. Did it change the way you communicate?

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