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In our video interview in the run up to this Thursday’s Short Takes, Alchemy Equity’s Kate Ingham discussed a number of common mistakes in communication. Here are four areas of communication that deserve your attention:

Mistake 01: Sweating the small stuff.

  Video is brutal when it comes to small details. Make sure your outfit matches what you are communicating: double check that your tie is done and your hair is o.k.; check frequently during the shoot.

Mistake 02: Not working on non verbal communication.

Make sure everything you do contributes to creating credibility, so the viewer feels confident that you can do what you say you’ll do. Visual communication is beyond the rational; simply getting the information across isn’t going to get you results. Take the non verbal cues like look, tone of voice and posture into account when you present. Video is powerful in building trust, but is also very good at destroying it.    

Mistake 03; Not considering presenting style.

  Have you considered how you want to come across? Do you want to be personable or formal? Low detail of very specific? What is your target audience after? Who are you trying to connect to? Really think through your presenting style, or even better get some coaching.  

Mistake 04: Not thinking through Scripting.

Scripting your video is about presenting yourself in the best possible way; don’t think you can wing it or ‘ad lib’. Unless you’re a professional presenter, you’ll get much better results from working with a script and using an Autocue. During the next Short Takes, we will workshop using an autocue and a script do you can see for yourself how this can work for you.

Over to Kate!  

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