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Noone likes wasting time and money. Here are some strategies to save you both in the editing phase of your project.

We know you’re super busy, so it’s important to plan time to review so this doesn’t become a bottleneck.

For every 5 minutes of video, expect to spend 30 minutes reviewing and adding notes.

Another way to ensure you get a quick turn around and high question is to make sure things aren’t missed in reviews.

How to get reviewing right: Putting different hats on

One of the biggest challenges in getting an editing project right is reviewing. Two things to keep an eye on:

Attention blindness.

Attention blindness. Key to counteracting attention blindness is to concentrate on one thing at the time. If you jump from big picture to detail all the time, you’ll wear yourself out because you’re putting your brain through a massive cognitive effort. Instead, take your review in stage.

Step 01: Fresh perspective Hat

You can only get a first impression one time. It’s essential that you capture your initial, emotional response before you get into the detail.

Sit back, relax and play the video. Do not start and stop, but play the video like a user of your website would.

Right after watching and before you get distracted by the next think, answer these questions:

What is my gut feel?
Did I understand the message?
Did it feel too long or short?
Is there a moment where you felt you lost interest?
Is there a bit that you didn’t catch (for instance because of a complex sentence structure or audio issues)

Step 02 – Sound

Without concentrating on the visuals, how does the video sound to you?

Does the music feel right to you?
It is easy for you to understand everyone?

Step 03 – Brand and titles

It’s very easy to miss spelling mistakes, because we tend to skim over titles in video. Stop the video, read the title and ensure you’re happy with it.

Double check the spelling
Is the font correct?
Is the logo up to date? Did we get the branding colours represented in a way that works for you?

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