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Earlier this year, Hunting With Pixels caught up with Shay David from Kaltura on the New York leg of our epic interviewing spree. Kaltura are a leading open-source video platform, helping business and educational clients deliver top quality video solutions. In this video, Shay David examines how we define ‘good’ content in the realm of online video. In the broadest sense, good content is something that engages with an audience. However, we can only measure the effectiveness of video content if we define what aims we are hoping to achieve, and who our audience are. It could be that our online video is as simple as entertainment, in which case the obvious measure of quality is ratings: Does the watcher stay and view the entire video? Shay draws a distinction between “lean forward” and “lean back” entertainment, with the latter being passive entertainment such as television, and the former exemplified by user-selected short form content, such as YouTube. In the example of YouTube, the definition of quality goes beyond mere ratings and becomes: Does the watcher click on to watch more of the content? If the format of the online video is educational, then the desired outcome should be good learning results. For example, online video can be used as a learning object for students to get hands on experience, in the context of homework or distance learning. So then, our definition of quality is related to our measurement of learning results, generally grades. Finally, with Business-to-Business video or enterprise video, the business outcomes depend on the manner of business. If the video is a selling tool, then effective content would be measured in increased sales. If it is a customer support video, then the measure of quality would be customer satisfaction. In short, if you want to measure the effectiveness of online video content, you must carefully define what constitutes a success. To do this, you must ask: – what are the results that matter? – are these results occurring in the right places?

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