From Business To Brand; 10 steps towards standing out from the crowd. 7th of March 2012 at HWP.

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In this session we will explore how we can build your business into a brand.

Why would you want to be a brand?

Because a brand is something that your target audience can connect to. Once you have created the connection, you’re not another company in a list of Google search results.

Here’s what we’ll explore in this session.

Building a brand is a step by step process

Let’s build a road map.

The goal of the session is to get clarity on what you need to further build your brand and your business to the next level. This is not one of those sessions where you sit and listen. The goal of this session is to create a road map for you on how to further build a brand, specific to your needs.

When, where?

From Business To Brand takes place on the 7th of March at 14.30 and is free for members of Inhouse Group 3.

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