Free speakers night at Hunting With Pixels on the 14th

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If you have time on the evening of wednesday the 14th, come over to the HWP Headquarters for an evening with four great speakers, free drinks and networking! We’re doing a pilot for our presenter showreel, and we’ve got four amazing speakers lined up:

Mo Fox

  Mo Fox is a true hybrid thinker; an accomplished artist with a corporate background in advertising and strategy who consults, speaks, writes and trains in the area of applied creative thinking Mo is talking about the importance of ambivalence in thinking.    

Kim Seeling Smith

With over 25 years of business experience in both large corporates and small to medium sized companies (including 3 of my own), I bring a combination of practical / commercial experience to the myriad of tools and certifications I’ve gained having trained as a speaker, trainer and coach. Kim will be speaking about five ways to get better at hiring people.  

Nigel Collin

As founder and CEO of ‘Thinkativity’ Nigel has spent most of his working life helping organizations find ideas that drive growth, outpace competition and ultimately boost profits. Nigel’s presentation is about creativity in business.

Adette Rosenbach

  KnowledgeCore is led by Adette Rosenbach, marketing and business development specialist with over 2 decades experience. Adette implements business development, customer relationship and marketing strategies for services and professional services businesses. Adette’s presentations is about Crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing is the biggest paradigm shift in innovation since the industrial revolution, and so will look at how firms are using the crowd to redefine their business models. Whether it’s in R&D, HR (managing the talent), Marketing and Promotions, Inventory management or Design. The key is that crowds don’t solve problems people do, and businesses are made-up of people, how do we harness this when technology has stepped in and become such a game changer.  

It’s going to be a cracker!

So pop by tonight for what promises to be a pretty amazing evening with top class speakers, free drinks and great networking. We’d love to see you there!              

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