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An initial video could be a humorous short clip around the themes that matter for your audience:  

1. I’m time poor, family man/mum. We have a rushed life where we need to multitask.

2. I want a solution now. Can you save my bacon?

3. Fishing is brilliant fun. A bloke’s meditation. Hunter’s instinct. An adventure for the kids. Quality time, phones off. No multi tasking (blokes can’t anyway).

4. We should have fun with the blokey side of things (not thinking ahead, prioritising buying beer over booking a hotel/buying bait) but also involve women/kids, so maybe combine a group of mates with a family trip so it doesn’t feel geared towards blokes only.


Go social

Instead of doing a straight sales pitch, how about interviewing your audience about what they want? Here’s an example of work we did for Liveperson, interviewing people about their mindset around customer service. Content like this gets good traction in social (Facebook, Youtube) because it starts a conversation. http://vimeo.com/66460711

One minute tips

A series of dozens of one minute tips for Twitter and Facebook; you could interview experts to share their tips around use of bait. Get some high profile people or experts like vets to talk about how to be clever around bait. Easy to do, cheap, and a great way to connect to your audience without them feeling they’re getting ‘sold to’. The tone should be a bit more fun and conversational for Bait N Go. https://vimeo.com/65119249

A Bit about Hunting With Pixels


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