Examples of authentic presenting

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TED X: Lost In Translation

Unscripted, no actors. http://vimeo.com/67529500

50 People one question

This is not the zippiest edit, but it shows you can get a good story out of total strangers. https://vimeo.com/2834087

Atkinson Vinden – the people

No script, just stories. https://vimeo.com/99220941

Collaborative content

We workshopped a script and answers with the participants to create a promo for Slow School. https://vimeo.com/121638456

Atkinson Vinden Staff Profiles

Structured, but not scripted. https://vimeo.com/99794385

Working with young people


Liveperson – case studies

http://vimeo.com/66452374 http://vimeo.com/66452372

Atkinson Vinden Brand video

How an interview can yield a strong brand promise. The questions were quite structured, but the answer is authentic. https://vimeo.com/97994031  

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