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Authenticity is key

Thanks for getting in touch with us Samantha! At Hunting With Pixels we pride ourselves in our ability to create content that feels like a conversation; authentic. Here’s an example of a video series we’re currently producing for the TEDx conference.

I-Med Ultrasound

A great way to inform your audience about what you do, while also showing the kind of people you work with. We choose to work with actual doctors and technicians instead of actors. This creates less polished, but very authentic content.

Showing empathy

It’s important to be honest and direct about the hesitations and worries your audience might have. Responding from a position of authority and empathy will prevent them looking it up on Dr. Google and getting outdated information and ¬†horror stories.

Client testimonial – ING direct

Here’s an example of authentic and fun client testimonials. This would work incredibly well for Sensational Smiles.

Ageing well Р discussion the meta benefits of what you do

Talk about the bigger benefits. With Pilates for instance, it’s about how you feel and ageing well.

FAQ video – ING Direct

Videos that address frequently asked questions are valuable both as a way to create a better client experience and as marketing and social media collateral.

Vetmed – managing fleas

Another example of short form social media video.

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