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Ergon – communicating the purpose through it’s people

Ergon’s purpose is to provide safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable energy solutions to support their customers and the Queensland economy. ergon How can we communicate this purpose in an engaging way, that gives us an authentic story and shows the people behind the purpose? Here are a few examples of how Hunting With Pixels would navigate that challenge.  

Atkinson Vinden – Right People, Right Advice

Here’s an example of how you can share the fundamental principle of what your business brings to the table. It’s not about the ‘what’, but about the ‘why’ and ‘how’. So instead of talking about what lawyers do, we talk about the end result; getting advice that makes us feel confident about the decisions we make. Ergon could do something similar around energy – what is it that Ergon enables others to do? And how do we as Ergon employees feel about being able to make a difference? Right people, right advice https://vimeo.com/99220941


For this client we created 22 videos. The average cost per video was in the $ 1500 ballpark.

Profile videos

These are short profile videos around personal purpose. They’re the outcome of our LinkedIn course where we explore personal purpose, create an outline of a story and shoot a video at the end of the course.


Our LinkedIn course offers two elements:

  1. Skill building around presenting to camera and communicate purpose.
  2. Creating a compelling profile video for your website and LinkedIn

Cost per participant is around $ 895


TED X – using content to link a big idea to your brand

Here’s a video we created for the TED X conference. Ergon could look at this as a way to share a big idea through the people behind the brand. ted 2 The goal of content like this is to create something that doesn’t’ feel like a promo and gets shared because of the idea. You can still add your brand to it of course. This video got 15.000 shares from just one website. TED X: Lost In Translation http://vimeo.com/67529500


A one off video like this would be in the $ 5000-7000 range. This cost is mainly incurred through preproduction, content development and about 10-15 separate location shoots. In this case we also had US and EU teams working on clips from participants from Sweden, Holland and the US. An international approach like that would be in the $ 15-22k ballpark.

China Digital – sharing expertise

For the China Digital conference we filmed all the keynote speakers and asked them to share one minute tip around doing business with China. We got great traction on LinkedIn and Facebook with those. Ergon could use a concept like this to start conversations around the future of energy for instance. https://vimeo.com/84089887


We shot those clips at a conference, so we had a lot of experts in one place. That makes these clips quite cost effective, typically around $ 550-700 each


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