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Zendesk promo

This is a great way to incorporate a story structure into a piece about your software. This has two advantages: 1. Our brains are hardwired for story. We retain story much better than data. 2. It seamlessly integrates brand, features and benefits without feeling too ‘salesy’. Ballpark: we recommend a budget of 10-14k. This is mainly due to graphics and the use of a large green screen studio. Combining projects as discussed would be a great way to spread the cost.

A case study

This video is a case study of Zendesk. I think it should be shorter and probably needs a voice over, but the idea is compelling. About 50k shared on Youtube alone. Ballpark: we recommend a budget of 6-9k depending on talent and locations.

Authenticity – interview style clips

These are great for promoting your product through your team. This approach also yields a lot of ‘spin off’ videos that can be used on social media. LinkedIn would offer great opportunities for SE Rentals. Ballpark: we recommend a 3-6k budget for 2-3 videos. https://vimeo.com/92579015

AMP – The Future Of Work

We love showing the people behind the brand to communicate ideas. Ballpark: $ 6000 for one video that involved 2 full days of shoot plus half a day for cutaway shots. https://vimeo.com/53917508 password: ‘hwp’  

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