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Hey Mat, Here are some examples of event video we’ve done with some ballparks of cost.

Our multi camera option

Multicam switching allows you to create the video in real time so you do the cuts on the system. The advantage is that there’s no editing cost and the keynote is ready for publishing on the day.

 Web Directions


Creative Innovation Conference

http://vimeo.com/58422843 http://vimeo.com/58422126


Here’s a mix of the two; multicam of a number of keynotes edited into a speaker highlights clip. http://vimeo.com/67054515


We’re happy to offer you a multicam option at a discounted rate if you can give us some brand exposure. Our standard rate for a three camera job with a live switch is $ 2995 or $ 2495 with two. If we have two operated cameras and one locked off one we can offer you a rate of $ 1750. For this we can offer a multicam of the keynote and do a speaker interview with two cameras afterwards.


You could do more interviews with key delegates; this works best if you invite them beforehand and discuss content in the run up to the event.  

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