Does your inner voice and outer voice match?

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Your throat chakra (energy point) is the channel for your expression; of your identity, business, hobbies, creativity and friendships. This energy channel is happy and healthy when what you say matches up to who you are. If there is a conflict between the two, then be prepared for some physical repercussions in the throat area. Flu, colds, coughs, dry throat, sniffles, ulcers or any kind of physical ailment in that region of your body. Just as the physical body becomes weakened by not expressing your authentic self, so does the business if you are not communicating (marketing, speaking, connecting) with authentic purpose! We have all experienced a sales pitch that feels dodgy and insincere. Our radar (sixth sense) usually picks this up pretty quickly; customers feel the same about your business. They can tell whether you truly are living, breathing and expressing your truth through your career and business. They resonate with your passion, truth and clarity. We all understand the value of marketing – but do we really understand the true value of building connections with customers that is natural, authentic and shows the “real” us? People are hardwired to want to share on a deep, honest level. When they sense you are doing that, they become advocates of your business and talk to others about you. There is nothing more captivating in a business owner than a sheer love and alignment with what they are doing. The expression (marketing aspect) becomes less of a push out and transitions to a more magnetised approach – pulling in those that want what you are offering. Those who don’t feel magnetized by your authentic business, well; those customers are not long-term connections, and the sooner you let them go, the better. So, do you give thought to what voice you are using day to day in business? Are you communicating the purpose that aligns with the inner you? I am giving a 20 minute talk on this topic Thursday Sept 20th at Short Takes. Come along if you get the chance. And remember; always communicate who you are, as this is the most intoxicating channel for any prospective customer. Debbie is the Co-Founder of Rezinate, a business which aims to help people tap into the power of their own energy, to bring change, heal, balance and a find a clear sense of self and purpose.

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