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Dejan Social Media Videos

Here are some videos to get an idea of the style. If you’re o.k. with the general look/gfx we’ll export/upload the rest.

Martin – SEO is about content

Martin – Beware of automated services

Martin – What is content marketing?

Martin – Why Can’t I Rank Quicker?

Aaron – Will a PPC campaign affect my ranking?

Aaron – The advantages of PPC

Richard – Social Metrics

Dan – There’s No Position One

Simon – Opportunities For Big Brands

Can we still use Simon in the videos? We noticed on Linked In Simon doesn’t work for Dejan anymore

Dan – Working with large organisations

Dan – Untapped potential, using what you already have

Dan – Dejan’s approach to SEO

Dan – Risk vs Reward

Dan – Freeze research

Martin – Doing SEO the proper way v02

Richard – Creating Authority v02      

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