Corporate video examples for Vernon Song

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Hey Vernon, Here are some visual examples and price ranges for videos:

High End videos 10-15k ballpark

AMP’s future of work

This is in the 12-15k ballpark, mainly because it includes several location shoots and about 5 different locations for interviews. Password: ‘Future’ (case sensitive, don’t forget the capital ‘F’)

TED X: Lost In Translation

A bit more playful, combining a script and ‘to camera’ pieces: this is about 10k.

Medium level 4-6k range

A high detail edit but all interviews done in one day.

Talkforce Testimonials

Budget friendly options: 2-3k range

Get a few people in one place and interview them all in one go. The edit has no cutaways but we used two cameras. This would be in the $ 2-3k range.

business master minds Or use a portable set up and interview a number of people against a white background:

Corragio; What’s courage to you?  

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