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Hey Jason!

As mentioned in our meeting, these are some examples of work that could fit the format for club members and team interviews.

We are interested in understanding what your marketing team’s plans are and how we can support you in these initiatives.

Member Profile Example – Penny Locaso

Penny is a member of WC Melbourne, here’s a LinkedIn video we did for her a while back.

I like the storytelling angle: instead of talking about what we do, Penny talks about why.

Example of a video for a small event

This could be a potential format for Florence Guild follow ups, creating a shap shot of the event and adding interviews.

We’d put more emphasis on the space for Work Club in your case, so we highlight the experience of the audience more.

TEDx – social media campaign videos

We filmed the TEDx videos at Work Club last year.

These would be a great way to make Instagram videos for WC; sharing member insights in short and sharp videos that both highlight the member’s insights but also show the WC space.

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