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Examples for David

Hey David, great to chat earlier this week. Helping you share your story about Richard Lloyd’s growth and change sounds like a fun project. To us,great content is all about connection and trust, which in the end is an expression of great culture in the business.

Below are a few examples of work that are relevant to your project, love to hear what your thoughts are.

GE- parenthood

A video we created for GE about parental leave, capturing stories about the delightful chaos that little people bring to our lives.

Atkinson Vinden – gratitude

When it comes to trust and connection, lawyers have a challenge.

In the eyes of the public, lawyers are sometimes seen as cynical and the nature of their work can create the impression that they don’t have their client’s best interest at heart.

Key to changing that bias is a great culture and communication that is transparent and shows the people behind the brand.

How we work

A short video about the thinking behind Hunting With Pixels. We’re the connection and trust company.

TEDx highlights

We’re proud media partners for TEDx!

ING direct – capturing real stories

Reaction videos are about capturing honest reactions to something new. This is a great way to get genuine connection to your brand, while showing confidence in the product.

Property Council of Australia

This is a nice way to show the people behind the industry by having a bit of fun about it.

The Hotel School Experience

We love working with The Hotel School! It’s wonderful working with the hospitality industry and passionate educators at the same time.



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