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ING direct – the power of authenticity

For ING Direct we created a mix of a ‘reaction video’ with client testimonials to promote their online banking platform.

We deliberately left in the ‘honest feedback’ type of comments – much more credible, especially since the feedback is overwhelmingly positive. For credibility, it’s important to not ‘airbrush’ the content too much.

This got very positive feedback and click through (20k plus views in the first week).

Cyclevision – marketing through real life experiences

A similar concept to ING; we handed the product to 20 bike riders, got them to use it and share their experiences. With niche markets, credibility is everything. Bike riders would immediately spot if someone is an actor; why not get real users and experiences.

This got over 30k views in the first week, mainly because of social media sharing which from an SEO and branding perspective is extremely valuable.

Client testimonials – creating impact by educating about the product

Teachers are hard to pin down; time poor, not on social media. The way to cut through here was to use content around case studies; how does this product help me become a better teacher?

Stile education just rolled out to every single school in Victoria, so these guys are doing ok!

Useful tips on getting client testimonials right

Hope this is helpful Alister! If you ever need advice on anything content related, fire away!





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