CI 2011 previews

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Hi everyone, Here are some more interview videos based on the questions of the conference.

How can we make creativity part of education?

How do we build healthy communities?

What are the challenges of a super connected world?

What does Creative Innovation as a conference achieve?   Here’s an example of creating an interview clip by subject instead of by interviewee, what are your thoughts on that?

Highlights Video

Here’s version 05 of the highlights video with the changes implemented; boris audience, projections, we are the world at the end. I’d like to suggest losing the choir at the end; they’re already quite prominent in the middle bit and ending with your keynote is a great ‘call to action’ for viewers that’s relevant to the event. Alternatively we could also end with Michael Rennie talking about a meaningful life; that’s beautiful too.   Here’s version 03 of the highlights video. Personally I think adding the extra footage has created an issue with the duration; we’re at 11.30 minutes now.  

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