Byalawa Project – Making a Difference in Indigenous Healthcare

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We do a lot of important work for our clients here at Hunting with Pixels, but we were particularly pleased to be a part of the Byalawa project. Developed in conjunction with academics from several university health departments, we set out to create a series of video scenarios and case studies that show some of the issues in communication between health professionals and indigenous patients. Miscommunication during these interactions can result in serious health issues further down the line. We knew that these videos were going to be used to teach the next generation of health workers, so it was very important that the stories were true. In that respect, we were very lucky to be able to work with some great local indigenous people, who very generously offered not only to share their stories but to act in our scenarios as well. The resulting videos were an honest look at how cultural differences could change a situation we all take for granted. They were uploaded to the Byalawa website, and combined with information from various academic studies, to provide a well rounded and informative learning tool for health students. We’re very proud of these videos, and hope that in the long run they help to make a difference in this very complex but important part of education.

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