But Will It Work? How to build trust with authentic communication

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Yesterday, we had a really interesting conversation with the wonderful Daniela Cavalletti from Cavalletti Communications. Daniela is a copywriting and business communication expert with a considerable amount of experience. We’re stoked to have her as one of the speakers at our next Short Takes event , this Thursday, 10 November 2011.  

Communications – Without Trust You Have Nothing.

  Writing is an often overlooked and undervalued part of business and brand communication – yet most of what we know and learn is being conveyed through language. Therefore, written content is the crucial ingredient that holds your other brand and communication elements together, explains them, and enables you to connect with your customers and readers. So, it seems almost superfluous to ask the question:

Why Does Writing Matter?

Daniela offered the following reasons to think twice before you press ‘post’ or ‘send’:




How to Avoid Common Communications Mistakes

  Daniela explains how to not fall into three common business communication traps:





Over to Daniela!


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