Business Etiquette: How to get it right

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Behaving in way that is congruent with your brand and beneficial to your business is harder that you may think. How do you behave when you walk into a networking function where you know noone? How do you introduce yourself? Should you talk business straight away or have small talk first? Suit or shirt?

Here’s how you do it

Last week one of the speakers of the upcoming Short Takes event ‘Live Your Brand’ spoke at a packed Oxford Art Factory about etiquette, check it out:  

What to learn more?

Want to see Lady Danielle in action and learn more about how to connect the behaviour of you/your staff to your brand so you can really start cooking with gas business wise? Check out our video on the next Short Takes: Our next Short Takes is on the 4th of April at the Hunting With Pixels Headquarters in Newtown. Find out more or book your ticket here.    

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