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Here are some budget bandwidths and matching based on the following deliverables:

  1. One or two main promos, depending on whether it makes sense to combine.
  2. Around six ‘proof’ videos. Videos that are designed to showcase how AV thinks and works.
  3. Initial set of broadcast design videos like titles, intros etc. This is a one off cost, so the assets can be reused in future video at no additional costs.
  4. Follow up videos.
  5. Filming presentations at AV in the future.

Main promo and initial videos.

There are two recommend budget bandwidths for this project. These bandwidths are based on the main promos and the six ‘proof’ videos.

Medium level

A high level of detail in the edit, sound mix, colour grade. If we aim for this quality level the project would be in the range of $ 22-26k for the eight initial videos. AMP ‘Future Of Work’ Please note this is case sensitive, so required a capital ‘F’. https://vimeo.com/54217175 Talkforce – People and values http://vimeo.com/42603057

Business Video on a budget

We don’t recommend paring down on the cost of shoots considering the time spent by your team doing this, but it is possible to simplify the edits by spending less time on the colour grading and audio and using more basic graphics. The videos we’ve created for Coraggio are an example of that production value. This way we could create the eight video for around $ 18-20k

Coraggio/Kevin Moore


Our recommendation

Considering the perceived value of the Atkinson Vinden brand and the great potential for engagement with your client base, we’d recommend investing in a high quality product;. The cost difference isn’t very big, and you’re likely to get the best ROI in the higher end bandwidth.

Follow up content

The bulk of post production is at the start of a project, so creating spin offs of the main project is quite cost effective. Short form videos as you’d use on Facebook and blogs would be in the range of $ 450-700 each depending on complexity.

Gratitude video

This would require a more refined edit and some music production and licensing, so the cost of this video is likely to be in the region of $ 1500-2200.

Shooting presentations

Shooting your presentations offers a great opportunity to build on your content marketing strategy. We offer a a flat fee of $ 2500 for:

  1. Three camera setup.
  2. Filming up to 4 hours of presentations.
  3. Live switch off all cameras and slides.
  4. Delivery online within 48 hours.

It may be worth while to add some updates and interviews (client testimonials, AV updates on changes to law) so you get some extra mileage out of the shoot. These video wouldn’t be included but the cost would be similar to your follow up content, so very good value.

Cost breakdown and budget

The budget is the budget. Provided there’s no major change in scope (which would be confirmed by both parties) we fully commit to the outcomes and the budget. No one likes surprises so any change in scope is discussed before the work is carried out. Once you’ve decided on a cost bandwidth we’ll provide you with a cost breakdown so you understand fully where your marketing dollars are spent.


We’d love to have a chat about how we can package up a number of those elements into a comms plan for 2014-2015 so we can really start cooking with gas!            

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