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 Some examples of the videos you could create for the budget you’ve proposed.

Starting point – the UWS video

What makes this work is the emotional connection and the positive story of transformation. Transformation is what your client does; how can we translate that to their situation with a budget of around 15k?

Option 01 -Telling a story through multiple people

We could do something like this using actors. One angle could be a conversation around purpose and identity; how it defines us, and how it can change through choice (career change) and circumstance (retrenchment). It’s about posing the challenge and then telling a story about transformation: from high flying executive to running a business, reconnecting with our family or finding purpose outside of work.  

Option 02 – Telling a story through a situation – Dove commercial

We could look at how we can compare the stories we tell ourselves about our own value vs what people actually think about us and use a similar way to visualise it. For instance we could have conversations with a business psychologist and a person who is in the middle of a transformative period in their life. What we can tap into is the fact that we tend to connect our identity to our paid work, not to our actual contribution. If we think about parenting, volunteering, creativity or just being a good person; is that not where we make a contribution?

Option 03 – Create a manifesto

Create a story around the central idea of what the client does; what could we tell about their approach?

Capture the real story and person first

We could start this by first capturing the actual story of the people involved and use that as the voice over. This way we’d capture an authentic story, but wouldn’t depend on the presenting skills of the people involved. This capturing doesn’t have to be with a camera – we could just record the audio of the conversation.

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