Ball parks and examples for Business Writers & Design

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Here are some examples of videos and some ball park figures as discussed. These estimates are based on shooting 8-10 people and producing a high quality 1 minute video.

High End; production cost around 9-12 k

Talkforce: a mix of interviews and location shots

AMP: future of work. Password: ‘Future’

Sydney Ferries: storytelling and location

Medium Range: around 4-6k

A bit more basic, but still good production value.

Low end, around 3k

Using a background and one shot to save on shoot costs. Creating simple, but effective video.

Edelman CEO Michelle Hutton

Maximising the value of the shoot

We recommend that you shoot additional content for future use so you can produce very cost effective future videos. Some angles you could take:

Over to you!

We’re excited about the prospect of collaborating with you, let us know how you’d like to proceed.      

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