Anita Chakraburtty

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Hey Anita, Thanks for coming to Short Takes, we hope you got something out of it! Thanks for getting up in front of everyone, it’s always great to try things out and get some practical experience. We have included these two images that show the comparison between at the lens and through the lens. At the lens Through the lens I have also included a little clip of Nigel demonstrating it in our studio. With your pitch, the before takes show both a video where the tone is probably a little too formal and one that is perhaps a little too colloquial. With the take after Nigel got you to try and be more conversational i think the tone and delivery was greatly improved. In a business such as yours that requires such personal service and engagement, videos that allow prospective clients to see the person behind the brand could be a very strong business communication tool. Let us know your thoughts. Before and Afters

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