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Here at Hunting With Pixels we love our new place on King Street in Newtown; it’s the best area, the space is huge and we’ve got everything under one roof now; audio studio, video studio, edit studios, event space, kitchen and offices. So much space can be a bit daunting sometime, so we’d like to share with you! For all of you photographers and videographers in Sydney we’d like to offer you our studio at rates that are just crazeh! Half day rate is $ 195,-, full day $ 295,- including backdrops, extensive lighting kit, audio, use of kitchen, dressing room and client area, broadband and tech support.

Check it out

  Studio space with paper rolls; white, black, chroma key options The studio can have a lot of daylight too. Keep calm. Theatrical style dressing room. Kitchen with great espresso machine.  

What’s included

Want toppings?

If you’re not the pizza margherita type, here are some options: Autocue $ 75-/day Autocue operator $ 45,-/hour   Canon 7d Camera with 17-55 lens: $ 50,-/hour Sony EX-1 HD camera $150,- half/day. 225,-/full day Camera Operator $ 65,-/hour  

What kind of shots can I make?

This studio is suitable for shots from the knee up and close shots. For full body shots you’d need a full green room, happy to refer you!

Like what you see?

Give us a holler on 1300 505 262 or send us an email.                      

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