Working with Hunting With Pixels (HWP)


First off all, thanks for doing business with us! Engaging a company to create media for your business can feel like a leap of faith, and we’re committed to making sure we deliver to the highest standards and make the process as smooth as possible.

When engaging with HWP we guarantee:

  • - A professional standard of media production.
  • - Courteous and professional behaviour from everyone involved.
  • - Timely delivery of media to the specifications that were agreed on.
  • - To prioritise solving any possible issues that may arise.
  • - To help you, as best we can, with any issues you may encounter.


Before we start production of your media, we generally send you a Quote, Creative Brief (CB) or Job Confirmation (JC). We need to make sure that we have understood your brief correctly, and that we’re all on the same page.

By engaging our services and paying the initial invoice you agree to the contents of the CB, quote or JC and our Terms and Conditions.

If you have any questions about the contents of the job confirmation, just give us a call to chat about it.


The production of quality video requires three main production steps:

  • - Script Editing
  • - Shoot
  • - Postproductio

Script Editing

Our script edit is based on a draft script created by you; no one understands your business better that you do.

If you’ve chosen to include background images in your video it’s vital you consider what images you will include and where they will go when writing your script. Number the images and corresponding line of text so they easily marry up in post.

At this point you may wish to storyboard some ideas with our editors, just call us.

You then send us your script and our professional scriptwriter will edit it so that it reads well and works with visual media. This is then known as the V01 draft version.

The script editing workflow is as such:

V01 Draft version: Most important step. Make as many changes as you like to the script. Be really thorough; ask for other people’s opinion and think through (visualise) your presentation.

V02 Review version: Double-check against the V01 changes and make sure none are missed. Ensure no mistakes are present. Any new changes after V02 are charged at $95.00 + GST per hour.

V03 Final version: Sign off.

Any revisions beyond V03 are charged at $95.00 + GST per hour.

The V03 script needs to be finalised and signed off by you 24 hours before the shoot to give you plenty of time to practice and us time to prepare the autocue. If extra changes are made beyond V03 it may result in your shoot time needing to be moved.


It’s vital that you’re on time for your shoot. We can only afford to deliver video at this price point because we work very efficiently; we can’t afford to have a production crew waiting.

Your package includes one hour of studio time. The clock starts at the agreed, booked time, whether you’re there or not.

*Overtime on shoots

Extra time for shoots will be charged at $75.00 + GST per 15 minutes. If multiple shoots are booked, and we go significantly over time, we may have to reschedule to finish off the shoot.

*Technical issues

We can’t take responsibility for unforeseen technical or equipment issues; in extreme cases we may have to reschedule if we can’t resolve the issue within a reasonable time. A re-shoot will be done at no extra cost, in that case.


To make the best of your shoot be prepared. This entails:

Being present around 10 minutes before your shoot starts. Rehearsing your script and presentation.


You must sign off your final script 24 hours before the shoot. Any on the spot changes can be made, but this will delay the shoot and potentially lead into overtime.

Any assets like photos, video or graphics must be delivered on the day of the shoot. If assets are delivered later, we cannot guarantee timely delivery or budget.

We will provide you with a list of assets needed based on the video package you choose.

Changing assets during or after the video production requires an extra edit session; this is charged at $150.00 + GST per hour, with a minimum of one hour.


If you want your video to be delivered fast, you must be available for reviews. The V01 and V02 of the videos are reviewed online; you need time and a sufficiently fast Internet connection to review the video.

All changes need to be communicated through email, even if they have been discussed on the phone. This way we avoid miscommunication or discrepancies between your expectations and our interpretation.

On acceptance of job we will establish a delivery date with you. This delivery date also entails a schedule of delivery of the various versions of the videos and deadlines for reviewing the videos. Whilst we endeavor to deliver work on time and on budget we can not be held responsible for extraneous situations that could result in a deadline passing, we will communicate any foreseeable date changes as soon as we possibly can.


All video production is done in three steps: V01 Draft version: Most important step. Make all the changes you like. This is really the most crucial step in the production of your video. It’s important to take your time reviewing your video. Reviewing is your responsibility. Reviewing a video requires watching it four to five times and writing down exactly where you see issues. Changes must be sent to us by email, describing the issues and adding the exact time in the video in which the issue occurs.

V02 Review version: Double-check against the V01 changes and make sure none are missed. Ensure no mistakes are present. Any new changes after V02 are charged at $150.00 + GST per hour.

V03 Final version: Sign off.

All changes beyond V03 are charged at $150.00 + GST per hour.


We will strive to deliver your video within five working days (for a basic package of a short video up to one minute in length, with static background, a title graphic and branding), provided you are also available to review and sign off in that time. Please note that the more complex videos will take more time to produce. We will advise you on the progress.

We can only guarantee to make a deadline if we get all the assets on time, if no changes are made to the deliverables after the start of the project and there are no revisions beyond V03.

We cannot be held responsible for any loss of income, incurred costs or compensation if a deadline isn’t met.


Please feel free to discuss deliverables at any time with us, so we know exactly what you’re after.

Any bespoke video element, like a branding package, is subject to an order confirmation. The order confirmation describes in detail what exactly we will produce.

If you change the agreed deliverables during the postproduction you will incur costs.

The costing of the branding package is based on the examples provided on the website. The hours are calculated based on the hours spent creating those examples. If what you want takes significantly less or more hours than the example, we will quote you on this before we start postproduction.


Your videos are delivered in Flash Video format unless specified otherwise. Flash Video will give you the best compatibility on all platforms.


You can cancel or change a shoot up to 72 hours before the shoot without incurring a cancellation fee. Anytime after this will result in a cancellation fee of $250.00 + GST. Decommissioning of work after the shoot will incur a 20% cancellation fee of whatever is decommissioned. This fee is on top of the deposit and any costs for work already completed.


We provide our products in a format that is specified in the job confirmation. We guarantee compatibility for the following platforms: Mac OSX, PC Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 And browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and 8, Safari and Mozilla Firefox.

98% of computers worldwide have a Flash plug-in installed; we can’t guarantee functionality on systems that haven’t been upgraded or don’t have plug-ins for video installed.

If compatibility issues arise due to external factors such as updates to web browser, we cannot guarantee functionality of the delivered media.

We can’t accept responsibility for video not working on specific sites or platforms; we deliver in the exact format that we agreed on. Redelivery in different formats is charged at $150.00 + GST per hour.


We keep all the files and production assets for your project on our machines for one month after delivery free of charge. After that we recommend archiving the files; there’s always a chance you may need a change, a rebrand or an update at some point.

We charge $75.00 to archive your project (per 500Gb) for up to three years. It’s stored on a dedicated hard drive and kept in a fire proof safe.

Under no circumstance will we give our project files or unedited material out to any client. This is a copyright and IP issue. We will issue raw footage on request.


Please let us consult you on legalities when it comes to copyright; there’s a number of sources of media that a lot of people deem legal but are, in fact, not. At Hunting with Pixels, we respect other people’s copyright. We won’t use illegally copied photos, music or video in productions.

We can’t take any legal responsibility for any copyright infringements caused by materials that you submit to us; this is your responsibility.

We reserve the right to refuse any material of a copyrighted nature unless adequate proof is given of permission to use such material.

We also reserve the right to refuse any material that is deemed offensive.


You can only secure your shoot booking by paying 50% of the agreed cost as a deposit when you order. This can be made by electronic funds transfer, online with PayPal (3% fees on total for credit card payments), cash or cheque (incurs a $25.00 + GST processing fee). The full outstanding balance (the remaining 50% and any extras you may have added) is payable on the day of delivery by any one of the above mentioned methods.


The full deposit is only refundable if you cancel more than 72 hours before the shoot. After that we refund the deposit, minus the $250.00 + GST cancellation fee. However, if we’ve already worked on your script, or carried out any other preproduction work, we will deduct those costs from your deposit as well as the cancellation fee.

This is not a penalty; it’s because we incur costs when we book shoots. We schedule extra crew when we have a shoot; cancelling them at short notice costs us.


All the websites, PHP scripts and software written by Hunting With Pixels remain the copyright of HWP and may only be commercially reproduced or resold with written permission from HWP.

We cannot be held liable for, or get involved in, any disputes between you and your clients.

We cannot be held liable for any costs incurred, compensation or loss of earnings due to the unavailability of a site, its servers, software or any material provided by third parties.

We reserve the right to refuse to handle in any way, material that may be deemed offensive, illegal or in any way controversial, and also to terminate the hosting service should this be necessary.


Up to 500 views of your video are included in our standard hosting package ie if we host your website. If you expect more views than this we recommend embedding your video into YouTube or upgrading your hosting package.


It’s very important that you let us know if you’re not happy; we see complaints as an opportunity to find out how we can do a better job.

Our informal complaints procedure: Communication is key to all this, we can only help if we know what’s going on. If there’s an issue with media we’ve delivered, please notify us as soon as you can and we’ll do our best to sort it out.