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We love what we do

It’s good to take stock every now and then and appreciate what you have.
In the past three years the team at Hunting With Pixels has created over 2000 videos. That’s not just a number; it’s a milestone. both in terms of production but even more so it’s a milestone in trust.
It’s a privilege to capture the stories and ideas of hundreds of people.

TEDx Melbourne

Hunting With Pixels is a proud partner of TEDx Melbourne. TEDx Melbourne is one of the best TEDx events in the world in terms of the scale, the impact and the content.

The Brief.

For TEDx we work on a number of levels; we support their strategy, we create social media content before and after the even and we create the video of the talks.


150.000+ views and counting.

Wood and grieve engineers

Our partnership with Wood & Grieve engineers spans years. We’ve created a number of videos they have used in the context of their partnership with the Property Council Of Australia, positioning them as an innovative and relevant business in the industry.



Bendigo Bank

The Bendigo Bank commissioned Hunting With Pixels a series of videos that highlight the social impact the Bendigo Bank has.
Typically, a Bendigo Bank branch reinvests 50% of their profit straight back into the local community, which has significant positive impact.


When a bank knocks on your door to make a promo about

Bikefilms – Launch video, niche branding,

The Hotel School

– social video campaign, strategy, training

TEDx Sydney

For TEDx Sydney Hunting With Pixels produced a video about words that only exist in one language but have a unique meaning to all of us.