Corona Virus

Staying in touch with your team during the Corona Virus lock down

· Corona Virus

These are challenging times.

Since the lock down started, as a leader you suddenly have to manage a team over dozens, if not hundreds of home offices.

Although there are some efficiencies around working from home, it is challenging to stay connected to the team and on top of what’s going on from the right now.

Timely, carefully crafted and relevant messages are keeping your team engaged and productive.

To support you during the lock down, we’re offering to create content for you that will help you stay connected.

Here’s how the CEO of Marriott communicated to his team: it’s an honest but empathetic way to connect to team members. It also shows Arne’s humanity and as a result, the video has been shared and retweeted millions of times.

Example 01: Acorro – Lockdown announcement

This is an example of how the lockdown could be communicated to the team.

Example 02: Acorro- follow up content on how to work from home effectively

After the initial announcement, you can stay in touch on a regular basis with shorter updates.

Example 03 – WordPress – involve your team while keeping them safe

Here’s an example of a video based on team members filming themselves on their phones. We took care of the concept, direction and production management.  we did for WordPress

We can support you during the lockdown

Here’s how we can support you as a leader;

Staying in touch with clients

Offering your clients regular updates ensures you stay top of mind and make your clients aware that you can still offer your services, even if it’s in a different form.

Lock Down discounts – pay what you can

We’re in this together.

Things are lean for all of us, so we’ve priced this in a way that ensures you get a great ROI even when your turnover isn’t what it was before the crisis. Let’s have an honest, open conversation on where you’re at and what is possible in the current situation.

This is the time for all of us to support each other and to stay connected.