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Robert and Beth speaking at fastBREAK

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At Hunting With Pixels we’re big fans of fastBREAK; it’s a monthly breakfast event at the powerhouse museum where a number of speakers do five minute presentations on the same subject. So what turns you on? Last month Annie from Vibewire managed to get us to do one; the title was ‘What Turns You On’. The subject couldn’t have been more apt, since we just returned from the US doing shoots for our new video blog ‘Whatever Trips Your Trigger’

That was fun! First Short Takes business video event was a success.

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The inaugural Short Takes event held at Hunting With Pixels in Newtown was a great success. Video as a business communication tool was the focus and a workshop from business coach Hugh Todd kicked off the evenings program. Hugh tackled the subject of pitching your business effectively and was followed by Business Master Minds founder Angelique Milojevic who presented on the power of authenticity in your communication. Next up was Hunting With Pixels creative director Robert Moorman who talked about how to get the best results from your business video. The last speaker was presenting coach Nigel Collin who shared some simple yet very effective tools for tackling the sometimes daunting notion of presenting to camera. Short Takers were then given the opportunity to get some hands on experience and to practice what they had learned from the presentations. Willing participants were given the opportunity to deliver their pitches to camera in the studio and received some more personalised coaching from Nigel. This jam packed program was punctuated by plenty of great food and drinks and the opportunity to network with each other and the speakers. Check out this video for a brief look inside Short Takes and if you would like more information on the next Short Takes event then please check out

Whatever Trips Your Trigger: about doing what you love and loving what you do.

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At Hunting With Pixels we’re very passionate about people’s stories; why do they do what they do? What makes them different from others? How did they find what they love, and then managed to build a life and a career around it? Doing what you love means living a life that’s in line with your values; a very important part of being happy and essential for success in business. We just came back from the US shooting a series of online videos around the subject for a new website called Whatever Trips Your Trigger. It’s a video blog about people who love what they do. The website is going live in the next weeks, but we thought we’d show you the trailer already: We’re doing a presentation for the wonderful people from Fastbreak this Friday on the subject of ‘What Turns You On’, where we’ll be talking about the project; we’d love to see you there!

Techy stuff to avoid being tacky with business video

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In our last Flying Solo we talked about the content side of video, this time I’d like to share some technical do’s and don’ts that apply both to DIY video and working with production companies.

Video that gets you results.

Creating good quality video content is an real investment in time and money, so you want to make sure you get a decent return on that investment. Unfortunately, a lot of online business videos don’t get results; people click away after 10 seconds or move on before even viewing. Read more