Lights, Camera… wait. Make up!

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At Hunting With Pixels we often get asked about what to wear to shoots. Clothing isn’t as ‘make or break’ as it used to be because cameras have become much more forgiving, but there are a few things to keep an eye on.

Clothing – the golden rule

Wear something that is congruent with your message, that is comfortable and won’t make you hot. Do that and you’re 90% there.

Congruent with your message

Consider what first impression your clothing gives if people see you ‘out of context’. Remember that the video will be watched by total strangers, so they don’t necessarily see the connection.....

Hello Startup Grind

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We love people with Big Plans

At Hunting With Pixels we believe in the power of ideas, so we’d love to help you spread them. Here’s how you can get started with video: 1. Join us at one of the amazing Startup Grind events in Sydney and Melbourne. 2. Do a 30 second pitch to camera and we’ll make you a free video that looks a bit like this: 3. Don’t bore your audience with a sales pitch. Show off your expertise by sharing something interesting. 4. Get in.....
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Hunting With Pixel’s latest and greatest: Atkinson Vinden

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Tim Grogan of Linked In discusses how to build a business using the platform

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How to embed a video on Youtube of Vimeo without getting black bands

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What’s the story with the black bands?

We’ve been getting some questions around black bands appearing on web videos so we though it might be helpful put the solution on the ol’ HWP Blog. Sometimes when you embed an video, you’ll notice those black bands on the top and bottom, or sometimes on left and right:  

What’s going on here?

You can embed in any size you like, provided your aspect ratio is 1.77:1 or what they call in 16:9 in video production lingo. The aspect ratio is the ratio between the width and the height of a video. If.....
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