Thanks for being part of the Hunting With Pixels journey in 2015!

13 January, 2016 / No Comment

  Without you, Hunting With Pixels is just a logo and a brand name. You make Hunting With Pixels come to life, so before we launch headfirst into 2016 I want to make sure we pause for a moment and reflect on that:

Clients and collaborators we’re grateful for

Carolyn and all the beautiful people at Slow School - you made me feel welcome in Melbourne after opening our office here. What a great tribe! carolyn-tate Geraldine Coy for.....
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Thanks for kindling my fire in 2015!

13 January, 2016 / No Comment

      I’m not one to look back a lot, because I don’t believe in the power of hindsight. There is one thing I do regret about my past: not understanding the value of mentorship and peer support earlier in life. That school of hard knocks and steep learning curves in my younger years would have been a lot less ‘knocky’ if I would have surrounded myself with a support team instead of thinking I can do it all myself.

Thank you for kindling my fire in 2015!

kindled Jennifer Elliot of Integrity And Values......
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We at [Company Name] love you!

29 December, 2015 / No Comment

Thanks for your heart felt NY wish Company Name! I  hope 2016 will be so memorable you will remember the name of your own company. Regards, [Your Name Here] Company name.....
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Why we cringe when we see ourselves on video

27 July, 2015 / No Comment


A sudden shift in perspective

The fundamental reason we cringe when we see ourselves on video is a sudden shift in perspective. Seeing ourselves from the outside in creates a jolt to the system, sometimes even mild anxiety. Why does this happen? Three factors are at play here:

1. Do I really look like that?

When we see ourselves, it’s generally when we look in the mirror. The issue with mirrors is that they flip the image of your face horizontally 180 degrees. So when you see yourself in the mirror, you’re not looking at an image of your face as others see it, but you get used.....
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What drives us?

07 July, 2015 / No Comment


Tony Robbins – Why We Do What We Do

I’m fascinated about exploring what drives us. Everything we do as content producers is ultimately an expression of that motivation. I’ve always felt a bit ambivalent about Tony Robbins, but here’s a TED talk of Tony Robbins that I found undeniably good.

We are driven by emotion

Emotion is the driving force in life – it shapes our decisions.

What drives you?

At Hunting With Pixels we ask every single person we interview (1200 and counting) this question. We’re yet to find someone who tells me it’s money or status, but most of.....
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