Tim Grogan of Linked In discusses how to build a business using the platform

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How to embed a video on Youtube of Vimeo without getting black bands

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What’s the story with the black bands?

We’ve been getting some questions around black bands appearing on web videos so we though it might be helpful put the solution on the ol’ HWP Blog. Sometimes when you embed an video, you’ll notice those black bands on the top and bottom, or sometimes on left and right:  

What’s going on here?

You can embed in any size you like, provided your aspect ratio is 1.77:1 or what they call in 16:9 in video production lingo. The aspect ratio is the ratio between the width and the height of a video. If.....
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The Mojo Sessions with Gary Bertwistle and Tim Power

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The Mojo Sessions

We’re very excited about collaborating with brand guru Gary Bertwistle on the Mojo Sessions. The Mojo Sessions is an web based talkshow where Gary interviews business leaders and leading thinkers about leadership, branding, marketing, and work-life balance. It’s angle is the bigger picture stuff like Not so much a ‘how to’ but building on the ideas that lead to success in a broad sense; having purpose and making a real difference  

Tim Power: How To Get Leadership Right

In this segment Gary is picking the brain
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The top three reasons why most corporate video doesn’t provide a positive ROI

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How the way we think about our content drives success or failure

  Recently one of our clients sent us a video one of their competitors created. They wanted to emulate the style of the video, but didn’t quite have the budget. That poses an interesting challenge; Can we create content that can get better results, but on a smaller budget?

Looking for safety

It’s only human. We tend to look for a form of safety by doing something that’s tried and true. So when decide on how to position.....
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Ignite Talk: Why Amateurism Is A Good Thing

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  We loved seeing our colleague Stephen Hancock of Contently pluck up the courage to do a five minute talk at Ignite Sydney, and what a great concept!

The Demise Of Amateurism

Leonardo Da Vinci and Charles Darwin were amateurs when they did their best work. Shouldn’t we value people who do work for the love of it more than people who get a pay check? Stephen offers some great insights and thought starters here:  .....
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