Why we cringe when we see ourselves on video

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A sudden shift in perspective

The fundamental reason we cringe when we see ourselves on video is a sudden shift in perspective. Seeing ourselves from the outside in creates a jolt to the system, sometimes even mild anxiety. Why does this happen? Three factors are at play here:

1. Do I really look like that?

When we see ourselves, it’s generally when we look in the mirror. The issue with mirrors is that they flip the image of your face horizontally 180 degrees. So when you see yourself in the mirror, you’re not looking at an image of your face as others see it, but you get used.....
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What drives us?

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Tony Robbins – Why We Do What We Do

I’m fascinated about exploring what drives us. Everything we do as content producers is ultimately an expression of that motivation. I’ve always felt a bit ambivalent about Tony Robbins, but here’s a TED talk of Tony Robbins that I found undeniably good.

We are driven by emotion

Emotion is the driving force in life – it shapes our decisions.

What drives you?

At Hunting With Pixels we ask every single person we interview (1200 and counting) this question. We’re yet to find someone who tells me it’s money or status, but most of.....
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Authenticity – would I lie to you?

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It takes courage to be honest. It takes humanity to do it well.

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Video blogging – why is it so hard to start?

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This is my first video blog

Not really. It’s my fourth. The three other ones are still sitting in my draft folder, because they’re ‘not ready’.

Come one, this should be easy for you!

I’ve been meaning to start a video blog for three years now. Hunting With PIxels has produced over 1100 videos for other people in that time span, but not one video blog.

Why is it so hard for us to start?

What I’ve learned from my work and my own experience is that there are three barriers to video.....
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Social Media Video Profile Course at Slow School

25 May, 2015 / No Comment

Social Profile Video masterclass in Melbourne

At Hunting With Pixels we’re very excited to run our first Social Media Profile Video course on the 18th of June. The reason we’re passionate about using profile videos is that they really encompass everything we’re about at Hunting With Pixels; creating meaningful connection.

How we make decisions on who to do business with

Connection is everything. We are all hard wired to make decisions about who we trust and do business with by mixing ‘digital’ and ‘analog’ information. Digital is the data: product features, price, ROI. All the stuff that marketers tend to bang on about. Analog is.....
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