Why the Pretty Boys Win – and how to change it

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Why do we find it so difficult to be in the spotlight?

Recently I did a public speaking course with Slow School, an amazing experience. It’s not just about speaker training, it really is about communicating your purpose. As a natural introvert I struggle with the idea of public speaking, actually I’m mortified of just the idea. On the other hand, I feel very passionate about what I do.

Bucket List

So one of my big Bucket List items is to get over that self imposed limitation. I’ll never be great at doing an improvised speech, but I can surely learn to communicate what.....
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How video can make you an instantly recognized expert at ANYTHING!

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 Two easy steps:

1. Go here first. 2. Make the video.

It helps if you smell nice too.

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Getting results out of social video; video embedding, video seeding, video placement

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We’re live!

Good news,: your video is live! The ‘bad’ news is, your business video is not going to perform miracles by itself: you’ll need to put in a bit of work to get in front of the right people now!

What’s a result?

Getting a result is not about the amount of views you get: it’s about getting the right views. Your video needs to be seen by the right people, resulting in actions like contacting you, booking you on a speaking gig or asking for a quote.

Three steps towards results

To make sure you get results, we need to make sure your video: 1. On.....

Creating winning content through authenticity

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  When we think about video, we often imagine a film shoot. A sea of lights, cameras and gorgeous looking hipster crew with low hanging jeans (and more crack than Harlem if you’re unlucky). Professional digital video camera, isolated on white background


What struck me when I worked in TV production myself is how incredibly important video production seemed. Creating content seemed to revolve around stressed out production managers, pushy interviewers, micro managing marketing directors and a very uptight ‘brand’ person with lots of print outs and a short term memory issue.

Are we missing something here?

The single.....
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Launch of Slow School

12 August, 2014 / No Comment

  We love Slow School, an unconventional business school for people passionate about building a purpose-driven and prosperous business that makes the world a better place. Last week Slow School officially launches at the Hub, so we asked a few people about that they think about education:      .....
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