How much is a video?

05 May, 2015 / No Comment

How much does a video cost? How much should it cost? Not a lot these days. Video has made a major shift in terms of price point. A few years back you’d pay the price of a small car for a corporate video, now you can get professional video for a fraction of that.

Game changers

Quality has also shifted tremendously. Where we used to shoot interviews with one  or two DV cameras, we now work with three cinema grade cameras so you get a pretty slick outcome.

Are we asking the right question?

Is asking ‘How.....
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When video production value doesn’t matter that much

10 April, 2015 / No Comment


How many megapixels is that camera?

In terms of ‘production value’, this is the lowest quality video we’ve made in years. The cameras are shaky, the angles weird, the colours don’t match the audio is all over the place.

But who cares?

But we love it!

Real people, authentic stories

This clip works because it’s about people who genuinely love Wordcamp. Why make a slick commercial when you have this going on for your brand?

Video production value – does it matter?

People in our industry can get a bit carried away with focussing on.....
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Client testimonials – how to Keep It Real

01 April, 2015 / No Comment

  Here’s a statistic to think about; 85% of our audience will trust peer recommendations more than any marketing This is why a good business video is about what you do an why. If you want to let people know you’re brilliant, it will have to be your clients who tell the story.

Keeping it real

In the past we’ve been asked to hire a few actors to create ‘case studies’ and ‘client testimonials. We don’t do that for two reasons: 1. Why fake it? If you run a great business, it should be easy to find three clients who love what you do and are happy.....
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The psychology of connection – how we make decisions about who we trust

09 February, 2015 / No Comment


Trust is about what the notes we don’t play

Miles Davis once said that jazz is about the notes you don’t play. Communication around building trust is not about more information: that will just overwhelm our audience.

How we decide who to trust

The people we want to connect with make decisions about who they trust based on what seems to be very little information: a short story, a few non verbal and visual cues. How does that work?

Thin Slicing

Thin slicing is the ability  to find patterns in events based only on “thin slices,” or narrow windows, of experience. Studies have shown that brief observations can be.....
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Invaluable Life Lessons – How To Say I Love You

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Pearls Of Advertising Wisdom – How To Say ‘I Love You’

Who needs the great philosophers if advertising agencies bring knowledge and deep understanding right to your inbox and Social Media feed?

I love you?

Men, have you ever struggled with saying those three little words?

Not anymore!

Europcar has the answer. Forget that romantic boat ride or maybe doing the dishes for once.

True love is a rental car

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a rented Mercedes, and event that is followed by Jill’s sudden headache and a calendar event that reads ‘Intake appointment relationship counselling 9.00 Monday’. valentines day mercedes.....
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