Getting results out of social video; video embedding, video seeding, video placement

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We’re live!

Good news, your video is live! Bad news, it’s not going to perform miracles by itself; you’ll need to put in a bit of work to get in front of the right people now!

What’s a result?

In our view results are not about the amount of views you get. A result is being viewed by the right people, resulting in actions like contacting you, booking you on a speaking gig or asking for a quote. To make sure you get results, we need to make sure your video i: 1. On the right platform. 2. Easy to find though Google search. 3. Easy to use,.....

Creating winning content through authenticity

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  When we think about video, we often imagine a film shoot. A sea of lights, cameras and gorgeous looking hipster crew with low hanging jeans (and more crack than Harlem if you’re unlucky). Professional digital video camera, isolated on white background


What struck me when I worked in TV production myself is how incredibly important video production seemed. Creating content seemed to revolve around stressed out production managers, pushy interviewers, micro managing marketing directors and a very uptight ‘brand’ person with lots of print outs and a short term memory issue.

Are we missing something here?

The single.....
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Launch of Slow School

12 August, 2014 / No Comment

  We love Slow School, an unconventional business school for people passionate about building a purpose-driven and prosperous business that makes the world a better place. Last week Slow School officially launches at the Hub, so we asked a few people about that they think about education:      .....

Authenticity. Hard work, but worth it.

30 July, 2014 / No Comment

  Recently we did a project with the wonderful people of Atkinson Vinden Lawyers in Sydney. We love working with Atkinson VInden because they trusted us in executing a bold idea. Instead of making a ‘promo’ video, we worked with Atkinson Vinden to create content that’s about meaningful connection and useful information. We are very excited about this approach, because it create an authentic story around the business: Content that’s created to connect on a deeper level than making a sale.

It’s about engaging the audience

Connecting in a meaningful way to your audience is worth while, but.....

Lights, Camera… wait. Make up!

29 July, 2014 / 3 Comments

At Hunting With Pixels we often get asked about what to wear to shoots. Clothing isn’t as ‘make or break’ as it used to be because cameras have become much more forgiving, and so has our audience. There are a few things to keep an eye on that are easy to miss.

Clothing – the golden rule

Wear something that is congruent with your message, that is comfortable and won’t make you hot. Do that and you’re 90% there.

Congruent with your message

Consider what first impression your clothing gives if people see you ‘out of context’. The video will be watched by total strangers, so they don’t.....
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