Our Process
The first step in our production process is to learn. We want to fully understand your business and education goals,
because at Hunting With Pixels, we're not just about making video, we're about making video work.
We love the production process as it involves meeting passionate people doing work that matters.
Hunting With Pixels are an end to end solution; all steps of the production process are done in house.
Production is only as good as its communication. We work very hard to make sure you always have the right information and understand what's going on.
Our production process is transparent and every step is extensively documented online, so you can check in on the progress whenever it suits.
As there are so many different platforms, it's important that delivery is well planned and meticulously managed.
Hunting With Pixels has a very versatile system for delivering on multiple websites, mobile devices and a wide variety broadcast media.
We can appreciate that investing into a video campaign may be a leap of faith, as brands and technologies rapidly change and evolve.
We make sure you get the support you need to ensure your content works on current and future platforms.